Dash Cameras

Reviva Dash Camera PLO30321 Dash Camera This compact in-car camera allows you to automatically record every aspect of your journey in high definition. Ideal for recording evidence in case of traffic accidents, the built in G - Sensor enables automatic recording if sudden breaking occurs. The 2.7 inch LCD dispay allows for recording playback.
  • 1080p full HD with night vision
  • 2.7" LCD display
  • Up to 32gb storage
  • Small and compact, designed to be unobtrusive
  • 170 wide angle lens. The lens is enabled automatically once you start your car
  • G - Sensor enabled recording occurs as soon as any sudden breaking, impact, rapid, acceleration or sharp corners occurs
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Reviva Universal Dash Camera Holder KO30331 Dash Camera Holder Attach the Reviva Universal Dash View holder to your windscreen using the provided sticky disc for a secure hold of your mobile device while driving your car. Suitable for devices up to 7cm wide and with cushioned sides the holder will protect your phone and can be easily transfered to a different vehicle.
  • Holds your device securely and safely whilst driving
  • Simply attached to your vehicles windscreen
  • Cushioned sides to protect your phone
  • Can easily be moved into other vehicles
  • Compatible with devices up to 7cm wide
  • Sticky disc included for attaching to your windscreen
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