Around four in five people are mobile phone owners. It’s therefore no surprise that smart phones have integrated their way into our lives, be it at home, work or while we are out and about.

Nothing beats the convenience of a smart phone when it comes to multitasking. From sending messages, taking photos, downloading apps to making calls wherever you are, these are just some of the reasons why smart phones have become almost universally popular and the gadget of choice. In its Mobile Consumer 2016 report, Deloitte said that smart phone usage leapt from 52% to 81% from 2012 – 2016.

The smart phone is now the most successful device of all time, with 1.5 billion expected to have been shipped worldwide in 2016, more than the total number of PCs, tablets, televisions and games consoles due to sell in the same year. And with business and consumer users likely to replace their handset every two to three years on average, there is a healthy market for resellers to tap into.

For cost, quality and security conscious buyers, resellers can offer all the features of a new smart phone without the high price tag. Certified pre-owned (CPO) phones deliver the OEM standards and security of a new phone without its associated price tag.

Here are five reasons why CPO phones are the way to go:

  1. As good as new

With the VOW catalogue now featuring certified pre-owned ranges including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 end users can get their hands on products that are in ‘nearly new’ condition.

Because certified pre-owned phones are thoroughly inspected, tested and refurbished, with all OEM parts selected to an A grade standard, there is little to no difference in the performance and appearance of these products compared to their brand new counterparts.

  1. Watertight security

Any concerns about apps, content or data saved on previously owned mobile phones is eliminated because each device is restored to its factory settings, ensuring all sensitive data is removed.

  1. Legally yours

To guarantee that CPO devices have been legitimately passed on by bona-fide previous owners, a verification process is carried out by Checkmend. This means we are confident that every CPO phone in our range brings no ‘baggage’ from its previous life, such as being bound to outstanding finance, subject to an insurance claim or even reported stolen and then likely to be impounded by the police.

  1. All OEM accessories

CPO phones are supplied fully boxed with OEM accessories including a charger and data cable.

  1. Better for the environment

CPO phones are the more environmentally friendly option because they are recycled and not sent to landfill. This reduction in environmental damage is an additional plus point for business owners looking to enhance their eco credentials and demonstrate an economically sensible, security conscious purchasing strategy.

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